Nowadays, some people still prefer to ride bicycles

Nowadays, some people still prefer to ride bicycles. To what extent do you think this will help us, in today's life?

In today's modern world, the old kind bicycle is stilt in a business. Although people have a lot of opportunities for travelling around such as private cars or public transport, some individuals choice this two-wheals muscle-powered vehicle as a basic meaning of transportation. In my opinion, travelling by bike is an excellent idea which can help use in many different ways. The reasons behind this approach are economical, personal, and environmental.

From the economical point of view, riding bicycle on the every day’s basic allows individuals to save enormous amount of money. For example, the average person spends about five dollars a day on public transport and from ten to twenty dollars if he/she travels to and from work by own car. Once the individual starts using a bike, he/she will be able to save up to $460-$500 dollars monthly. Investing this money they could be financially free within 10-15 years.

From the personal viewpoint, travelling by bike improves people’s health and makes them stronger. Riding bicycle every single day people get involved in a physical activity which is very helpful for their mood and allows to keep their bodies in a great shape. This is particularly true for office workers who tend to spend day after day sitting in their soft armchairs in front of computer screens. In fact, riding bicycles to and from work they become more energetic, work better and, as a result, can make more exciting career.

From the environmental perspective, every bicyclist makes a small contribution into a nature protection. Although that seems like a drop in the ocean, each biker makes an air a bit cleaner, traffic jams a little shorter, and a parking problem slightly less fatal. Indeed, some countries, which are known as ecologically happy, encourage citizens to ride bicycles instead of driving cars. As we can see, in this case bicycle can help us to preserve environment and make big cities more enjoyable places to live in.

In conclusion, despite of the fact that there are a number of problems with riding bicycles, especially in big cities, bikes, in my opinion, represent a new standard of environmentally friendly meaning of transportation, which can help us to  become more healthy and wealthy along with environment protection.

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