Essay about a smoking ban

Some businesses prohibit smoking in any of their offices, some government have banned smoking in all public places, Do you agree or disagree that this is the right course of action? Give reasons for your opinion.

IELTS essay example about the smoking banIt is no question that the smoking of tobacco is harmful for people's health. The ban of smoking in public places, offices, and transport may affect the health situation in very positive way. Taking into consideration the reasons of the smoking ban opponents, I believe that that harmful habit should be obliterated from our life; therefore, I agree with the smoking ban. The reasons behind this approach are medical, social and economic.

From the medical point of view, the tobacco smoking have a noticeable negative effect on the health of both smokers and non-smokers. In fact, everyone knows that the nicotine, as a component of tobacco, is a very strong poison, the drop of which is able to kill a horse. Hence, the tobacco smokers spoil their health deliberately trying to belittle the destructive effect of their habit. What is worse, the smog of cigarettes is much more dangerous for people that surround the smoker and become the passive smokers. The result of both active and passive smoking is the same: the danger of such an awful illness as a lung cancer.

From the social viewpoint, smoking people create the unpleasant atmosphere around them and limit rights of other people to breathe the clean air. Although the smoking ban opponents believe that their right to smoke should be respected, they completely overlook toe fact that they discriminate other people who also have some rights. As a result, smokers might provoke the conflicts trying to advocate their right to smoke in prejudice of rights of other people.

From the economic perspective, the ban of smoking may have the very positive effect. Despite of the fact that tobacco manufacturers pay a huge taxes into countries budgets, the damage of nations health bring much more expenses. Indeed, any smoker is potentially the patient of the clinic with cancer related problems. In order to give him an appropriate care, the government has to spend the huge amount of money that is much bigger than taxes, manufacturers and sellers have paid. As a result, the smoking ban may improve the economic situation in general.

In conclusion, I completely agree with the tobacco smoking ban which may lead to improving of many spheres of people's life and make our cities more enjoyable places to live in.

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