Essay about space exploration

With all problems in the world today, spending money on space exploration is a complete waste. The money could be better spent on other causes. Do you agree or disagree?

пример эссе об освоении космосаIn today's modern world, nations spend a significant amount of money on a development of space technologies instead of solving endless problem on the Earth. The popular belief is that people should stop waste money on space exploration until a world peace and harmony will be reached. In my opinion, people should go further into space in order to solve Earth's problem more successfully and efficiently.

Nobody can deny that there are plenty of problem in the world to be solved. Some of them, such as environment pollution, without any appropriate treatment may lead to some fatal consequences, and become a threat for all life on the planet. Others problems, like a hunger, diseases, and wars take thousands life daily. In this case spending an enormous amount of money for discovering of space secrets seems to be at least impractical.

However, from the other point of view, space exploration may help to prevent and avoid even more catastrophic situations. For instance, the long-distance space observation may detect some dangerous space bodies that move toward our planets and can collide with it. In this case consequences would have been much more dramatic than ones of war or some natural cataclysm. In fact, people should develop space technology to have a solution to determinate and deflect or even obliterate dangerous space objects.

From more practical perspective, space technologies help people in many different fields of human every day’s activity. The successful examples of this are the satellite navigation, the weather forecasting, TV and radio-signals transmission etc. In a word, it is impossible to imagine the modern society's life without space technologies. In order to support existing systems and develop new ones, people need to spend money on them; otherwise, all human progress could be stopped.

In conclusion, it is no questions for me that governments should focus on the development of space technologies and, correspondingly, spend money on them. It can also be said that other world’s problems should not be forgotten; governments ought to focus on them to and solve them spending money wisely.

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