Teachers VS Computers in education

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom. Do you agree or disagree?

Пример эссе для IELTS. Учителя против компьютеров в учебном процессеIn today's modern world, computers play more and more significant role in many areas of human activity, and education is not an exception. The popular belief is that computer systems based on artificial intellect and a global network combined with a special educational software will be able to wipe teachers from the classrooms. In my opinion, this idea is too radical; therefore, people will need teachers as long as they learn something new.

It is undeniable that а computer is a powerful and extremely efficient tool that expands a horizons of education itself. This is particularly true for young people who can satisfy their natural curiosity about the surrounding world, let alone the school subjects using this technical invention. Today, students can find the essential information in the Internet, do some researches and prepare their dissertation much faster than they used to do earlier. In this case a teacher in a classroom seems to be a redundant person.

On the other hand, even the most powerful computer with a full access to the world's data base is not substitute for the face-to-face communication and cooperation of students and well experienced teachers that takes place in the classical educational process. Despite the fact that students have a chance to have access to almost any information, they still need the assistance of teacher who has an experience and the highest level of qualification to help students to classify and understand a new unordered knowledge in a right way. Indeed, if student needs to have an advice or experiences some difficulty in the understanding of his/her subject, he should be able to ask questions and have a feedback from his/her teacher; so, the teachers will be in business as long as the mankind exists.

In conclusion, it is no question for me that the education with without teachers is vale just impossible, Most probably the role of teacher will be changed from being a source of information to becoming an assistant and expert adviser for independent learners. 

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