Mind development at leisure time

Пример эссе для IELTS WritingSome people say that it is important to use leisure time for activities that develop the mind. Others feel that it is important to give one's mind a rest in leisure time. Discuss.

It is no question that the personal development is absolutely essential for people who want to be successful and wealthy. The main argument is whether one should use thee his/her free time for mind's trainings or spend it for relaxation.

The supporters of idea of spending leisure time for mind's development believe that such time as days off or vacation is the excellent opportunity for self-development. According to their opinion, the mind is free of the working life problems during a spare time; therefore, one has a chance to refocus attention from every day's routine tasks to the self-exploration and training of the mind. If one does it during the weekdays, the work problems will constantly attract attention, so the leisure time is ideal for self-development.

According to opponents’ opinion, the leisure time should be spent for relaxation and restore the body and mind for next working week (or year). This is particularly true for people who work in offices and solve business tasks which demand the full mind concentration. The mind, in their opinion, is a sort of muscle; therefore, it has to relax in a regular way. After all, opponents believe that self-development and mind-training are the activity that may correlate with business activities, so one will not have to spend other time, especially leisure time, for it.

In conclusion, the question of self-development at leisure time is rather controversial, so the correct answer might depend on a lot of factors. In my opinion, the relaxing and self-development are equally important in our busy life. Hence, the leisure time should be used to well-balanced activities, that allow individual to develop his/her mind and relax simultaneously.

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