Universities should allocate the same amount of money to their sport activities as they allocate to their libraries

Universities should allocate the same amount of money to their sport activities as they allocate to their libraries. Do you agree or disagree?

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пример IELTS ессе: на что университеты должны тратить больше денегIt is no question that universities ought to spend their funds wisely. There is an opinion that sport activities and libraries are equally important for students; therefore, they should be financed identically. In my view, this approach is does not correspond the main goal of universities as an educational center.

It is undeniable that sport itself and every day’s physical activity are rather important factor in educational process. Students participating in various sport activities tend to be more healthy and, correspondingly, more successful in studying of academic subjects. Thereby, universities should spend some money on developing a sporting infrastructure of campuses and involve students into diverse sports events.

However, taking into consideration the principal academic goal of universities, it is easy to recognize the priority of spending money on libraries and other kinds of studying supporting facilities. It is clear that good library full of useful print and multimedia materials, let alone the Internet access, can have a significant impact on the educational process success. Such kind of library, as a result, will be much more important for students than the modern sporting centre in a university campus. Finally, students get their diplomas not for being in good shape and for excellent health, yet for academic knowledge and useful skills that they receive spending a lot of time in the library, preparing their reports and dissertations, making researches, and exploring their future professions.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that universities should pay much more attention and spend more money on the libraries development rather than funding some sport facilities.

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