Full time university students spend most of the time studying. They should be doing other activities too

Full time university students spend most of the time studying. They should be doing other activities too. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

пример эссе на тему, должны ли студенты делать что-то еще, кроме учебыIt is no question that a university studying is a rather demanding process that requires a full concentration of student's efforts on lectures, seminars and others academic activities. Meanwhile, there is an opinion that students should be implicated in some sort of other activities. In my opinion, this idea is completely right. The reasons behind this approach are social, personal, and economical.

From social point of view, students that spend all their time on the studying are getting isolated from society. Since they do not have a time for something else but the studying, they meet other people very rarely; therefore, they do not have any appropriate relationship with relatives, let alone friends. As a result, they may become a good workers in the future; however the lack of experience in' cooperation with another people might make them disoriented, and disillusioned in an adult social life. Such people sometimes discriminated by their more socially active colleagues and even employers.

From a personal viewpoint, the development of individual could not be limited by only a university education. In order to become a person with broad and rich vision, cross-cultural awareness and physical health young people should spend a few time on such things as playing sports, visiting some culture events, travelling across the country and abroad, let alone some sort of hobby. These healthy people with knowledge in various fields are always attract attention and become popular with colleagues, friends and family members.

From an economical perspective, students who spend a free time on doing some part-time job, particularly in the company of a future employment, improve their qualification much more rapidly and dramatically than ones who dedicate to studying all their time. In fact, working students have a chance to meet real problems of a regular working life and receive a priceless experience to master those tasks successfully. Such individuals are in high demand in a competitive job market; they are at distinct advantages over students that have only theoretical vision of a future career.

To sum up, students, in my opinion, do need to participate in some activities accept their studying. This will give young people priceless qualities in order to dominate in both work and personal life.

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