Self-studying vs teachers

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

IELTS essay about teachers and self-studyingIn today's modern world, the educational technologies are certainly rather different than they used to be in past. The popular belief is that nowadays' self-education may lead to more conspicuous results than a traditional learning with aid of a teacher. As for me, I completely agree with this idea: in this essay I would like to give some reasons to, support the idea of an independent learning.

It is undeniable that modern electronic gadgets and information technologies expand people's opportunities in almost all parts of life, and the education is not an exception. This is particularly true for those people who really want to study some new knowledge, receive new experience and develop some useful skills. Indeed, people who study by themselves can reach much more noticeable results, and I can confirm this according to my own experience.

There are plenty of reasons that could be put forward in favor of self-studying instead of traditional educational system with a teacher in a major role. First of all, the self-learning is very flexible that means that an individual can built his lectures and training into his/her schedule without any kind of harm for working and personal life. Secondly, the self-studying including distant education is much cheaper than the traditional university-based one. Finally, some teachers use the old educational technics and unfortunately may give the obsolete knowledge while, for instance, the internet-based courses allow people to learn the newest information.

The successful example of self-studying is, in my opinion, the English learning. People improve their language skills listening to the radio, watching films, reading some English newspapers or magazines; in order to develop speaking skills they make friends with native speakers and talk to them via Skype. If they choose a studying English with teacher they would not be able to make such a progress, so that is why more and more people prefer the self-studying English instead of traditional ways. In fact, there are fortunately a lot of opportunities for independent learning than ever before.

In conclusion, despite of the opinion about the key role of teacher in the educational process we should not ignore the opportunity for self-studying. As for me, independent learners develop a critical skill for domination on the future high-competitive job market. They are at a distinct advantage over others who still rely on a traditional way of studying due to their ability to find a way out of any situation.

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