The development of technology causes traditional skills to die out, agree or disagree?

The development of technology causes traditional skills to die out, agree or disagree?

эссе о современных технологиях, которые вытесняют старые традицииIn today's modern world, people tend to rely on new technology, while old lifestyle goes away irrevocably. The popular belief is that improving the way of doing things, people forget and completely lose old tradition and useful skills.  In my opinion, this is generally true but not always.

If is undeniable, that some experience of mankind, which was very helpful and even essential in the past, seems impractical or even ridiculous nowadays. For example, nobody in usual everyday life does not makes fire using two wooden sticks, or tries to repair clothes using a needle made of fish bones. These examples, along with a number of another technology from the past are interesting only from historical and scientific points of view. Hence, they probably have gone from everyday life, but they still alive as an exemplification of lifestyle of our great-grandfathers.

On the other hand, we can see a lot of new technology based on some old traditions and skills. That seems rather naturally because it is impossible to invent something absolutely new without a relying on previous existing human's experience and old skills. In this case, although they seem to die, we still can see their track in new technology. The successful example of this connection is the building of modern wooden houses in which we can notice plenty of old technology and skills despite of the fact that they considered to be obsolete.

In conclusion, in my view, it can be said that some of old people’s skills and technology seem to be impractical today, so they are interesting only for scientists and collectioners. It can also be said that majority of old human skills are still in business and become a part of modern technology.


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